question markVaporBuff is a personal site chronicling my experiences with vaporizing– which seems to fascinate me to no end. I suppose it’s sort of a journal– everyone and their cat seems to have a blog, nowadays. I’m sure that somewhere, someone’s cat has more than one blog, and I know there’s more than one blog dedicated to smoking.

My aim is to learn about all aspects of vaporization as well as put together some useful and honest information for those who are interested in this fantastic alternative to smoking. I’m not trying to sell vaporizers, my goal is to spread the word and save some lungs.

Eventually I’d like this to be a highly complete and accurate source of information on vaporizing, complete with user reviews. I’m still learning as I go along so any questions or corrections are welcome.

This site is running on WordPress, using the beautifully versatile Sandbox theme with a slightly modified version of the Shades of Gray sandbox skin by the talented Leslie Franke. We’re hosted at the very generous Dreamhost, use the promo code VAPOR and save up to $70.

Also used are Windows XP, Firefox, Photoshop CS3, SciTE, my ice chamber and silver surfer vaporizer, various legal herbs.

Note: This site does not recommend the use of anything.