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Your VaporBuddy May Contain Lead

Troubling news for anyone who’s used a VaporBuddy pipe. As mentioned in our VaporGenie review, the VaporBuddy is a knockoff of the Genie and was thought to be of questionable quality. As it turns out, some (maybe all) models of the VaporBuddy are coated with, get this, lead paint. Yes, lead paint, used to coat […]

Vaporizing Tobacco

I’ve haven’t really ever had the urge to vaporize tobacco. As a born again non-smoker, it just doesn’t feel right. However, the concept of vaporizing tobacco is something that deserves a lot of attention. All but the most deluded smokers will probably agree to some extent that smoking cigarettes is an unsavory habit. By now, […]

Vapor Lunch

I’ve been wanting to write up a review on the Silver Surfer vaporizer for some time. Apparently it’s a lot more fun to use than to write about. For now, check out a couple photos of my SSV. Right now I’m in a pretty strong haze, hitting silky-smooth, ice-cold vees and listening to the new […]

On VaporGenie Safety

While writing my VaporGenie review I came across a tarnishing message board post which made some disturbing claims, among other things: seriously though i talked with the manufacture of the filter they use on the vaporgenie, its made out of silicon carbide, and he said that it releases known cancer causing carcigons. He said they […]

VaporGenie Review

When I first heard about the VaporGenie I was immediately intrigued. Here was a small, pipe-like vaporizer for $50 and people were raving about it. Portable vapor without batteries sounded too good to be true. Was it? Vaporize to: Ordering and Shipping Construction Using the VaporGenie Don’t Burn That Herb! Stealth and Convenience Vapor Quality […]

Mini Duathlon

Went running then biking this morning after some chilled vapor hits. A real duathlon is run/bike/run but 2 was enough for me. 3.6km for each with times of 18:50 for the run and 8:37 for the bike, working out to average speeds of 11.47km/h and 25.07km/h respectively. Not sure how good/bad that is, but not […]

Vapor Weekend

Had a great, vapor filled weekend. I vaporized with a good friend of mine (Æ) who had not yet tried the technique. We used to blaze together all the time, so it was interesting to see his reaction. I’ll post his initial thoughts if he’s nice enough to type it up for me. I think […]

Don’t Smoke. Vaporize!

Vaporizing is a safe, efficient and enjoyable way to enjoy your favorite herbal medicines. I wanted to share my experiences and hopefully turn more people on to this amazing method, as well as learn a bit about blogging. Welcome, and stay tuned!