Mini Duathlon

Specialized and AsicsWent running then biking this morning after some chilled vapor hits. A real duathlon is run/bike/run but 2 was enough for me.
3.6km for each with times of 18:50 for the run and 8:37 for the bike, working out to average speeds of 11.47km/h and 25.07km/h respectively. Not sure how good/bad that is, but not too bad considering I didn’t run all summer, also the way back is pretty much all uphill.

The herbal vapor was a nice pick up and helped energize me. There’s a certain feeling you get after totally exerting yourself, called a runner’s high. Basically it’s the feeling of endorphins coursing through your body and it feels awesome. Anyway, if I didn’t quit smoking when I did I probably wouldn’t be writing this post. It is possible, keep that in mind.

Breathe easy.

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