Vapor Weekend

Had a great, vapor filled weekend. I vaporized with a good friend of mine (Æ) who had not yet tried the technique. We used to blaze together all the time, so it was interesting to see his reaction. I’ll post his initial thoughts if he’s nice enough to type it up for me. :D I think he was impressed, especially with the taste and smoothness.

Another friend (SH) and I kicked things off after work on Friday with some chilled vapor hits via my Silver Surfer Vaporizer and glass ice chamber. I had 3 different strains and later my good buddy Æ arrived with another bag of herbal medicine. It was a blast sampling all 4 flavors along with some fresh mint tea. Needless to say, we ended up extremely vaporized. We played some Team Fortress 2 and then headed off to SH’s house, grabbing a 60 pounder of Bacardi on the way.

After some drinks and some hits from my VaporGenie pipe we chowed down on an awesome turkey dinner. The usual antics ensued, with SH’s younger bro getting shot in the legs with cherry bomb peppers through a paintball gun. We stayed up late playing no limit hold ‘em and watching Planet Terror.

The next day was extraordinarily beautiful, the only clouds were from my VaporGenie. We went for a long nature hike and I took some photos with my new Canon SD1000.

Fat spiderStink/Shield bugWolf spider vs shield bugNasty ashtray full of cigarette buttsDew dropletsFallen soldierTall pinesWoolly bear caterpillarOn the way homeShortcut to mushroomsConcrete jungleUp a few buyins

The VaporGenie was super convenient to whip out for a quick vapor hit (“vees” as we call them) whenever the desire struck, it can be used quite covertly. That said, it was nice to come home to my Silver Surfer and ice chamber; both do the job but there’s a marked difference in taste and efficiency. I’ll post some more information on both when I get a chance. I was vaporized pretty much the entire weekend, surely a new personal record.

Right now I’m listening to the new Radiohead album, playing some Portal, drinking some nice herbal tea, and… you guessed it.

Hit those vees,

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